Sunday, December 5, 2010

Austins Skateboard Decks

Here is a link to my sons skate board designs he sold at decade. The houver board sold out. If you look really careful you can see the Ogden Skate Park in one of the designs and the other is embroidery from our sewing machine that is has levi's as backgroud. Good Job Austin

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chelle's Quilt

Chelle is my really great friend. She has been the main cook at stake camp and I was her helper for 5 years at the same time she was the primary president and I have been the ward photographer. She also gets me out of bed to go and exercise early in the morning. We had just recently spent a year in YW with me as the MiaMaid Advisor and her as the 1st Counselor. Then she got released and put into the stake primary. I was at the time practicing levi quilt design and seeing what worked better. I didn't really have an idea why I was making the quilt until she got released...then I knew it would be for her. I embroidered the names of the girls and the leaders who were in the MiaMaids during this year and then also the YW values...I then put the flowers the color of the YW values on the quilt. These were appliques and they are a whole other blog input.
Here are pictures of the quilt. It was again machine embroidered by my friend Karen. She put a heart design on the quilt. It looked really awesome. This quilt matched Chelle's spare bedroom perfect and she loved it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Flowers

I just love flowers. I was at the farmers market one day and met the owner of Diamond Bar. It is a flower shop on the corner of Chimes View Drive and Riverdale Road directly east of super sonic car wash. I told him how I loved his flowers. He suggested to me to come in and take pictures so that when spring comes around I can go in and purchase them. Sometimes when I go shopping I am never sure which ones to buy because they are not mature so its hard to decide which ones you really want. So here are some of the pictures...I can't wait to go get flowers for my baskets next year. I only wish I could afford his containers...Maybe I will buy 1 container per year. I was in heaven while taking these pictures.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Quilt

I have a new quilt that I just love. This is the first quilt that I actually pieced together. Normally I have put together 2 pieces of material or something. My Dad cut out my squares though.  I had the quilt machined quilted by my new friend Karen. She did an awesome job. It is a very heavy quilt. I have already put it on my bed and I haven't finished the hemming yet. (working on it in bed, can you say lazy). Here are some pictures to  show you what it looks like. I promise I will one day post more than quilts.

Monday, July 19, 2010

*****Quilt Winner*****

The winner of the 4th of July Quilt goes to Terri Biggs. She is my friend and co-worker and was so happy to win....but being the nice person she is....she gave it away to another co-worker who just decorated a bedroom in red, white and blue. So sweet of her.

Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July Quilt 2010

2010 Quilt is ready.....Great Job Dad. Below is some get the story on the quilts look at my previous post on the Grouse Creek 4th of July. The quilt is made of old levi's and the embroidery is a Americana/Rodeo/Country look. The quilt is around a full size. The raffle again this year will be $5 for 6 tickets or $1 per one ticket. No need to be present to win. But if you win and you need it shipped, then you pay for shipping. Tickets can be purchased from Al Smith( or myself. We will be at the rodeo on Friday and Saturday or you can get a hold of us before then.

Beginning Deck

Finally the deck to our cabin is on its way. The weekend of June12th we were out to Grouse Creek and Ben had a bum knee and couldn't work...So Gage and Marvin went to work on framing up and digging the area for the footings...I do not have pictures of them doing this...But I really do appreciate it. They are always a big help. Ben and I decided to go June 25th and work the weekend doing the cement footings. We got the footings done on the one side of the house yipee. It was a little bit of a challenge, the tractor had a flat and Ben broke the valve stem. So we had to go shovel our own gravel. Then the cement mixer just about gave out. Getting started was a little rough too. Next is the cinderblock wall and then the footings on the other side of the house. oh and I didn't get pictures of the dogs...we had a new one show up that was about the same size and age as Shadonna...They weren't very big help..but they did get muddy. Fixed the dog paws in the cement several times.